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30.1. 2016  Václav Chochola would Last out 93 years

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  Currently running exhibitions :

Jiří Brdečka 100 years
Part of echibition are photographs by Václava Chochola

from 16.12.2017 till 1.4.2018
daily from 9AM till 5 PM
Chvalský zámek - Praha 9 - Horní Počernice


 Permanent exhibition of czech actor Jan Werich - in villa on Kampa Prague 1, U Sovových mlýnů 501/7.
Part of echibition are photographs by Václava Chochola,
Karel Ludwig and Zdnek Tmej from our archive.
More information about exposition on Facebook and gallery web




Continual exhibition / authors of photographs:

Chochola, Ludwig, Tmej, Hájek, Lukas

 Galerie Mariánská

Pražská třída 1, České Budějovice

open: TUE –SUN 10.00 – 20.00


   Salvador Dalí:  photographs - Václav Chochola 
adress: Oldtown square 15, Prague 1

 Open daily 10 - 20 hours.

GOAP -Gallery of Art Prague





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