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Zdeněk Tmej - Fototorst edition
The most famous set of photographs by the Czech photographer Zdeněk Tmej (1920–2004), Totaleinsatz, was made in 1942–44, when Tmej was in Breslau, Prussia (since the end of the W. W. II, Wrocław, Poland), where he and other other men and women of his generation were ordered to go and do forced labour for Nazi Germany. These sophisticated shots constitute photo-journalism made with personal feeling and professional skill. They were taken under demanding lighting conditions and were developed in Wrocław. Because the Gestapo considered them to be mere souvenirs, they managed to escape destruction. Even at the end of the war, however, their uniqueness was evident; since that time no other pictorial testimony about Nazi forced labour has appeared, which would be as informative and at the same time as artistic. A small number of these historically valuable documents were first published as Abeceda duševního prázdna (The ABCs of a spiritual void). Tmej’s unique vision together with his strong interest in their important subject matter provided the impetus for the present publication, which is the first to present this set of photographs as a whole. They are accompanied by articles written by the internationally renowned historian of photography Anna Fárová and a leading Czech authority on forced labor during World War II, the historian Tomáš Jelínek.      




Zdeněk Tmej  The Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness - Errata Editions

Books on Books #10
Zdenek Tmej: Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness
Essays by Vladimir Birgus, Alexandra Urbanova, Jeffrey Ladd
Hardcover w/ Dustjacket, 172 pp, 9.5 x 7 in., 105 Duotone illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-935004-18-9
$39.95  Release date: February 2011

Zdenek Tmej's Abeceda Dusevniho Prazdna (The Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness) published in 1946 enables a rare look, from a captive's perspective, inside a Nazi forced labor camp in Breslau, Poland during World War II. It is remarkable that Tmej, a Czech citizen made to work for the Nazi war effort for three years, was allowed to photograph at all, let alone describe the psychological stasis of his experience with the poetic voice that these portraits and still-lifes convey. Books on Books #10 presents every page spread from this extremely rare and fragile document including the original texts by Alexandra Urbanova translated for the first time into English.





Zdeněk Tmej  Archiv 1936 - 1998

Publisher: AF / Kant Praha, 1998

Text a koncepce: Blanka Chocholová
Range: 68 Pages
Firsta catalogue surveying life-work of Zdeněk Tmej, issued at occassion of huge retrospective exhibition on Old town hall at Prague, reprised in Silesian museum in Opava.

Example from the introduction  text of catalogue:

Zdeněk Tmej (b. 1920) 

unique documentary of in the form of a photographic diary which he made in 1942-1943 spent in Wroclav (Ger. Breslau) as a labor conscript forced to contribute to the German war efforts constitute a most comprehensive and exclusive series unparalleled in either Czech or world photography.His very personal approach to photography, his inventiveness, technical mastery and art far surpassing the standards of his period made him one of the founders of pre-war Czech avant-garde photography.  ...






Zdeněk Tmej - Abeceda Duševního prázdna
(The Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness )

Year of issue:1946
Publisher:Zádruha, Praha
ilustrations:45 BW gravure printing reproductions of photographs
Binding:. paperback with dust jacket
size: 24,6 x 21,3 cm
Number of pages: - 162 p.

Publisher: AF / Kant Praha, 1998

Text by: Alexandra Urbanová

Extremely rare collectors book, which is very valuable as one of the most important picture book of 20s century.  Reprinted in 2011 in Books on Books edition see above.







   Zdeněk Tmej - Die Welt des Tanzes  




Zdeněk Tmej - Totaleinsatz, Edition Photothek


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